Tenant Signage
Throughout the building, all tenant signage is a standardized square stainless steel back plate with a circular stainless steel etched plaque. While the sign itself is ADA compliant, its presence in the building outside of your suites is also in uniform with the visibility requirements established by the ADA.

There are no exceptions for signage other than building standard.

Common Area Signage
Please do not tape or place signage on suite doors, wall covering, restrooms, or any other common area of the Truist Plaza without prior approval of the Management Office.

Tenant Event Signage
All signage advertising any function or event in your suite must be pre-approved by the Management Office at least 24 hours in advance. All event signage must be professionally printed in keeping with the standards of a Class A building. Handwritten signs are not allowed.

On occasion, when it becomes necessary to advertise a large event, Portman Management Company may lend you the use of our sign holders. We have two types of sign holders. The first is a tripod style which will hold a sign of most sizes. The second is a sign holder which fits only 22” x 28” signs. We advise that tenants give no less than one full week’s notice when requesting to borrow sign holders. You may borrow up to three easels at any given time for up to two days. Email to reserve an easel.