Recycling Electronics

Truist Plaza and Garden Offices offer electronics recycling to Tenants free of charge.  The electronics recycling area is located on the loading dock.

Atlanta Recycling Solutions, LLC complies with State and Federal Regulations affecting the recycling of electronic equipment. ARS provides a comprehensive range of services such as asset tag removal and data/hard disk destruction. ARS assures clients that over 95% of material received is recycled.

Any of the items below are accepted:
personal computers, laptops, servers, network equipment, AS/400, monitors, LCD monitors, printers, faxes, RISC/6000, scanners, business telephones, cell phones, VCR/CD-players/stereos, mainframe equipment, copiers, rechargeable batteries (no flash light batteries) and wiring.

*If there are questions or if you have a large quantity of Electronic Waste you would like to have picked up, please contact the Management Office.