Truist Plaza Tenant mail is delivered to the mail room, located on the Lower Lobby level underneath the Baker St. stairs, Monday-Saturday between the hours of 12 noon and 12:45pm.

Mail is collected Monday-Saturday at 12:45pm.

*See Garden Office collection times for mail going out after 12:45pm.

Garden Offices Tenant mail is delivered to the Mailroom, located on the Atrium Lobby level, Monday between the hours of 1:45pm -2pm and Tuesday-Saturday from 12:45pm-1pm.

Mail is collected Monday-Saturday at 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

Each tenant is responsible for their mailbox keys. If they are ever lost or stolen, please see the Post Office employee on duty during their hours of operation.

To ensure that your mail is delivered properly, it should be addressed as follows:

Truist Plaza
Tenant Name
303 Peachtree St. NE
Suite Number
Atlanta, GA 30308

Truist Plaza Garden Offices
Tenant Name
303 Peachtree Center Avenue
Suite Number
Atlanta, GA 30303

Post office bins are available, as needed, for large loads of mail. These bins are property of the US Postal Service. Therefore, we ask that you kindly return them when you are finished. In addition to post office bins, we also have Parcel Lockers, Truist Plaza only, for packages that are too big for your regular mailbox.

The Truist Plaza Mailroom has Drop Boxes for Fed Ex and UPS for your convenience.

The Truist Plaza Garden Offices Mailroom has Drop Boxes for Fed Ex and UPS, for your convenience.

Stamps may be purchased at the Post Office. The closest post office is located at 240 Peachtree St. NW Atlanta, GA 30303.

It is a federal offense to remove anything from the mail. Once it has been placed in the drop box, it becomes the property of the US Postal Service.

The US Postal Service and the Management Office are not responsible for packages left unattended in the Tenant Mailroom.

For additional Truist Plaza postal needs, questions or concerns please contact the USPS Ralph McGill Carrier Facility at 800-275-8777.