Visitor Access

For the safety and security of our tenants, ALL visitors must be registered and receive a visitor badge to access Truist Plaza and Garden Offices. Visitor badges will only allow access through building turnstiles and not elevators and suites. Based on tenant preference, visitors may wait in the lobby for the host or the visitor may have an elevator called for them and be sent to the host’s floor.

Please note that the Bridge Level and Food Court will remain accessible during business hours without an access card or visitor badge.

BEFORE visitor arrival, hosts/gatekeepers should pre-register their guests.

Truist Teammates utilize this link: 

Truist Plaza and Garden Offices Tenants utilize this link: 

Pre-Registered Guests 
The host/gatekeeper will enter the following information:
•The host name that the guest is coming to see
•The site the guests will be visiting (Plaza or Garden)
•Category of Visitor
•Reason for visit
•First and last name of visitor
•Email address of visitor
•Building/Floor of visit
•Arrival date and time
•Departure date and time

Once completed, visitors and hosts will receive an email confirmed the details of their visit as well as a barcode allowing them to check-in quickly upon their arrival to the building.

Hosts and gatekeepers may register a group of guests using the Pre-Register Group function under the Visitor tab.

Returning Guests or Groups may be quickly re-registered by choosing Returning Visitor or Returning Group under the Visitor tab.

Arrival and Check-In
Upon arrival, visitors should proceed to the main Guest Service Center in the Truist Plaza Food Court.

Pre-registered visitors will need to scan the barcode in the registration email or type their information at the Visitor Kiosk to finalize registration. Once the visitor confirms their information, the kiosk will take the visitor’s photograph. While using the kiosk is preferred for security and efficiency purposes, visitors unable to do so will be able to complete registration and check-in with the officer at the Guest Service Center.

To complete the check-in process, the visitor must provide a photo ID to the security officer at the desk for verification. The officer will then provide a printed access badge to the visitor.

The host will receive an email notification of their visitor’s arrival upon completion of check-in.

At the end of their visit, visitors should stop at a security desk and return their badge to an officer who will check them out. Alternatively, tenants can collect badges from their guests and return them to a security desk at their convenience.

Unregistered Guests
Visitors who have not been pre-registered will still need to go to the Guest Services Center and register at a kiosk.

After registering, guests will take their photo ID for verification to the desk officer at Guest Services. Once the visitor is verified, an email will be sent to the selected host asking for approval for the unexpected visitor.

The host must approve the unexpected visitor via email before an access badge is issued.

Host will have the option of meeting their visitor in the lobby area or having the visitor sent to an elevator bank to the approved floor.

In the event the host does not approve via email within a reasonable time, the security officer will attempt to contact the host via phone. If there is no response by email or phone from the selected host, the visitor will be asked to leave and will need to contact their host to get the visitor pre-registered.

Large Groups
Groups of up to 25 people should be pre-registered in the guest registration system under the Group Registration tab.

For Groups of more than 25 people, please follow the procedures below.

•Use the Pre-Register Visitor Function in the VMS
•Create a new guest using your TENANT COMPANY NAME as the First Name and LARGE GROUP – EVENT NAME as the Last Name.
•Fill out the rest of the information as appropriate.
•Be sure to include a contact name and number in case guests arrive that are not on the list.
•In the Notes section put your list of guests in alphabetical order by Last Name. You can copy and paste from an excel or another file.

Example: Your “TENANT COMPANY NAME” is hosting “LARGE GROUP – EVENT NAME” on the 43rd Floor of the Plaza on 10/20/2021. The registration will look like this:

Guest Registration System Updates – Non-Truist tenants only
To add, change or delete a tenant employee from the guest registration system, place a work order using the Guest Registration service type and attach the Guest Registration Login Update Form with the desired changes.